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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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ody needs. citracal. julian crews has more on how esteban miranda @ texted brian deleon and logan square >>he goes before a cook county judge ... it was his fellow gang members who implicated him ...
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he is a 19 year-old charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery for allegedly beating and anise and 14 year- old with a baseball bat the victim brian deleon suffered grave injuries as a result of the speeding the gang members realize that brian deleon had no gang affiliations and they tried to stop the attack but there was no stopping esteban moiranda ... witnesses say that he left the boy for dad ... >>the alderman and police met with concerned residents here in logan square trying to curb this gang violence in the area ... >>we can't go out everything is gang violence or drug dealers ... >>we have parents that are very concerned with children walking to school here every day they
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want to know what type of things can we do as a community to make the schools and the path of their stay safe for her ... >>5 people are under arrest in charges of robbing and killing a man who was leading a little village transgendered bar ... two men were charged with counts of first-degree murder as well as three others ... kumar chavez left a bar at 26 and kevdale with two of those men when the others walked up to his car and started beating him and stabbing him several times the others punched and kicked him the five people took off leaving him to die on a parkway the attack was caught on video surveillance ...
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>>a man fell lot of a semi truck and tried in indiana on the interstate ... the victim was stephen downing of heart indiana authorities are investigating why he fell out of his truck it does not believe that the truck driver pushed him out there were involved in a relationship ... >>students are being encouraged to boycott school to get some roles changed in waukegan ... >>we have a live report >>these parents are encouraging everyone across the city to keep their children, and friday they are holding up their tax bills and their rallying on the steps of city hall ... would you want your trove walking across a busy four-lane street like this one? alone every day just to get to school ... this woman walks her
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seven year-old granddaughter to school every day now >>it's a hassle ... >>is schoolbus just less spring used to pick up the child from its whittier elementary school route ... >>the new rules say that kindergarten and first grade students to live within a half mile of the school will not receive bus service the other grades up to eighth grade that live within a mile and half will not get service either ... >>you see some other kids walking it's not supposed to be like that if they're gonna cut the buses they need to let us know about it ... >>these parents were rallying at city hall today saying they were never notified about the change they believe it's unfair and unsafe to force children to walk ... >>organizers say that students face situations like this they
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go to an elementary school on belvedere and that's the same school that these kids are trying to get to the children will have to cross dangerous road conditions where cars are speeding above the limit >>the superintendent said that the parents were notified about the change back in june he understands disappointments but he said there is no money left for extra buses ... >>we're conforming with state law we are unable to do it ... the rally may be falling on deaf ears ... >>it is not possible to restore the bus service but there will be a special board of education meeting thursday to address the issue ... two cook county commissioners are refusing to take unpaid days off to help with a budget
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issues employees rest to take 10 days at furlough without pay ... but according to the state constitution people are saying this is illegal and yesterday's county board meeting the county commissioners said it was unfair and toni preckwinkle will not ask the commissioner to do anything she has not done herself ... >>looking at wisconsin's official jobs website more than 32,000 job openings are listed at 3100 of them are in illinois another 3000 are in minnesota and iowa and michigan it is not clear how many of those jobs can be performed in one's home but the governor said people can work out of state by helping their local communities working home and spending their ... >>middle-income households saw
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their pay scales fall 7% that's $49,000 a year a level not seen since 1996 according to the u.s. census data the great recession hit the middle and lower class is disproportionately white upper-class is and the wealthy gained more and come ... >>chicago-area superstitions are serving record numbers and this is a trend that is expected to continue ... there is a new study on food and security ... the greater chicago food depository continues to try to chip away at it hunter in the region but the new study indicates that levels of food insecurity continue to grow with one in five persons not knowing when the next meal will occur.
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>>the other is more pervasive everywhere and it's not necessarily who you believe it is. it could be a neighbor or family member who does not know where the next meal is coming from. the term food and security quantifies the picture of how pervasive this problem is ... >>15.4 percent of individuals and cook county are subject to this phenomena. >>we're looking at one in five individuals in chicago experiencing food and security .... the food depository they're doing more to feed the needy and reduce the source of the problem >>what causes a children to be food and secure or an adult unemployed or someone released from the prison system all of these are unique cases in
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situations that have to be addressed individually ... >>looking at the map it becomes clear that certain key targets have greater food and security than others and working in these neighborhoods is an ongoing need that needs to be addressed ... the greater chicago for depository continues to be a safety net for individuals with high levels of food and security even so it seems as though thousands of individuals somehow continue to slip through the net undetected ... next at noon after two years to american hikers convicted of spying are released from an iranian prison ... >>and there's a last ditch effort to head off a diplomatic crisis that the united nations ... and support for the profit tax plan has warren buffett
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coming to a chicago fund raiser x@z@wp!ympixop>@?@rhú@ú(ú@b@ @
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and heading home ... hikers josh fattal and shane bauer are on their way to oman with their families are waiting for them. there were released from prison in tehran earlier today after posting half million dollars bond each. the three hikers were hiking near the iran-iraq border in august to dozen 9 and there were arrested. they told iranian authorities that they had got lost of around accused them of spying for the united states sarah shourd was freed last year for medical reasons josh fattal and shane bauer howe release coming a day before iran's president is due to address the united nations general assembly in new york death row inmate troy davis is
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scheduled to die tonight but supporters say that they have not given up the fight to save him. he was convicted of killing a georgia police officer to decades ago but since then nearly all of the witnesses who testified against him have recanted their stories. this morning prison officials denied a request by davis's lawyers to allow him to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence supporters said that there will urge the district attorney to rest the court judge to cancel the troy davis death warrant. >>a powerful typhoon made landfall this morning in western japan. four deaths are blamed on the storm in more than a million people up and told to evacuate their homes during due to heavy flooding forecasters said that the typhoon as winds that more than 160 mi. per hour and could do more than 17 in. of rain in some places the typhoon may affect fukushima daiichi nuclear plant is damaged last march by a devastating earthquake and tsunami to nato soldiers were killed in
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separate insurgent attacks in southern afghanistan official said the one service member died monday when insurgents attacked his unit another was killed in a bombing on sunday. nader did not release details of the tax or the soldiers nationalities the deaths raised the number of international troops killed in september to 26431 coalition soldiers have died so far this year president obama's said that it's up to the israelis and palestinians to work out their differences and find a lasting peace the president address the 66th meeting of the united nations general assembly in new york today he said the united nations should focus on working with israel and palestinian authority to establish a two- stage solution and the president said that the palestinians cannot decide on their own to establish an independent state ... the president called america's commitment to israel's security unshakeable he is meeting separately today with israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president month motocross ... >>mayor emanuel plans to campaign for president obama next month in iowa he has been assigned as the keynote speaker at the annual jefferson jackson dinner in the morning i walk it's the biggest democratic fund-raiser before the state carcases ... >>billionaire investor warren buffett is coming to chicago to raise money for president obama's reelection campaign crain's chicago business reports that the actor 27 event will cost nearly $36,000 per plate it will be held at the home of a north shore investment banker the tax plan president obama unveiled this week includes what he calls the buffett roll it is to close a tax loophole which allows the rich to pay a lower tax rate than most middle-class americans the president will not be expected to attend that event ... >>next we have today's top
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we have stocks mixed in a holding pattern right now because investors are on federal reserve watch ... in one hour it will release its statement on the economy and the question is whether it will announce more measures to stimulate economic growth in the country ... critics say that psychology will not make a difference especially on job creation are in the housing market ... we did just get a new update on housing ... home sales were up more than
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existingan expects did in existing home sales as investors used cash to purchase ... >>general mills is the latest to say that commodities prices has driven their costs up ... >>google will face a grilling and congress the chairman will answer questions tied to an antitrust probe there's an investigation as to whether google boosted advertising rates on microsoft ... critics say that google has been discriminating against competitive asors ranking competitive websites lower in their search engine optimization ... >>is a growing problem cyber crimes is estimated that in the
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united states more than 100 people are victimized each minute so how do you protect yourself? trib-u and jennifer weigel has the advice ... >>it seems that too many of us don't keep the updates as we are supposed to ... we are not proactive and taking those updates for security on our computers ... here are things that can help you take those security software updates you do not want to share too much about your personal life on social media ... especially watch those passwords and the way that you create
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them ... use special tricks to create unique passwords for security use acronyms for example of a phrase or trait that describes your interests there are applications that can shut down your personal information if you lose your phone or in the event of theft cyber crime can be identity
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theft bank fraud hacking virus personal information theft through electronic devices credit card and what we call fishing scams pfishinghishing scams cyber gambling adults sites windows for hacking ... stay away from those ... millennial men are the most targeted ... the 40 something year-old fellows ...
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they are particularly susceptible on social media sites that's good device jennifer keep updating your online profiles and passwords and clean yourself up they're frequentlyre frequently.. if you are looking for a job wgn will be sponsoring the naacp professional and executive diversity job fair come to the lakeview terrace at navy pier
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from humble beginnings there is a nationally recognized mexican folk dance troupe in aura that serves many purposes not just dancing. wgn's ana belval tells us during hispanic heritage month that this dance troupe has entertained thousands of people for the last 25 years while helping many dancers danced to a better life ... >>you can hear the dance steps outside this community center in aurora ... it is rehearsal time
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for the folklorico ballet which began as a church group but for the last 25 years it has been a youth program for many community children who have found extended family keeping them focused on a better future ... carlos nunez began to dance with the ballet when he was 11 years old he is now 26 ... don't let the fancy footwork fool you this is not just a folkloric dance lesson it is also a mexican history class ... we teach
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dancing gas but also the culture of mexico every dance step has a meaning and a significance ... the founder of this troop teaches in spanish ... gloria fernandez learned about the ballet when she did a google search ... she was looking for a heritage connection and an after-school activity for her three children her 6 year-old son seems to love it the most ... he taps all over the house we cannot get him out of his dance mode ... these children are learning a lot and they are seeing other children as role models for them ... >>this army veteran arrived from afghanistan on a saturday and was dancing here on monday ...
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these are new students that assist in choreography and lessons ... they say this gives them a brighter future keeping them in touch with their culture ... the ballet has a monthly fee of $30 which pays for the group's expenses including the beautiful costumes ... we will be back with the tom skilling forecast part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen.
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it's really quite surprising because we're in the midst of a windy storm that's coming ... we're going to get breezier as the afternoon continues but what a gorgeous day we have this is known as a dry ice lockedslot.. we had a high of 74 degrees yesterday ... we're looking at that stormed out twisting its way across the upper midwest ... we are under the access of the strongest wind in the jet stream ... the rain is to the northwest of chicago but it will close in on us an hour days in the sunshine will be limited we will see a little bit of
12:33 pm
sunshine tomorrow but we will get into showers and once the storm takes up residence it will park here for awhile ... there is a wedge of warmer air above the this cool air pool saddlingsettling down here ... the clouds will begin friday and will continue probably through monday with some showers here is the radar view of thunderstorms ... there are showers spinning through duluth and northwest wisconsin ... that was the upper edge of the storm that will settle here for the weekend temperatures are off by double digits as the cool air settles and across the upper midwest
12:34 pm
... here are the local temperatures in the region ... the gusty winds are growing as we go north ... the southwest wind is at 15 m.p.h. at o'hare we have falling humidity ... the water temperature and light michigan is 67 degrees ... this is the fourth time this year that a mold advisory has gone out with a 55,000 old account today 50,000 is the threshold for that alert this is just tellable i have been hearing from hay fever sufferers the ragweed and the tweeted values are a little bit moderate by it is miserable for those allergic to the mold ... the wind will fade out ... but
12:35 pm
the upper air will keep clouds in the area ... we are looking in on the skyline from the southern suburbs ... the wind in south dakota north dakota near richmond wisconsin and minnesota are gusting be on what we see in our area but in harvard it's going 34 mi. per hour ... we will enjoy a a 68 degree temperature at 0 hair right nowo'hare airport right now ... that wind will pick up tonight and fade out paramount is two degrees below
12:36 pm
normal and a very dry ... for september that is exceptional heavier clouds will settle in friday there will be an occasional break in the clouds but they will be with us through the weekend ... the jet stream is floating across canada giving them warmer temperatures than those of us here in the lower 48 ... we're looking at the long- term forecast with the warm air expanding into the area so by wednesday of next week we will
12:37 pm
be back into a warm pattern ... the warm weather is not over yet do not write the summer off ... temperatures will be down to the 40 degree area tonight we will be in the mid to low 60s for tomorrow ... we're looking at the 82 mi. per hour wind gusts reported out of tokyo with that typhoon going on they had a terrible unfortunate blow with the second typhoon to hit that nation and one month on top of the disaster from march ... tonight partly cloudy breezy noticeably cooler
12:38 pm
we will be in the 40's may be the low 40's 48 at o'hare airport ... tomorrow we will not be as windy as today we will be in the 60 degree temperatures down ...s we will see a few showers on friday and scattered throughout the weekend ... it's time now for today's trivia ... which shark is most commonly found in fresh water? ... the answer is still [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills.
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thinks he may be done with the cubs and he said he has not heard anything from the team, and he expects to hit the market in the off-season ... the cubs
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took on the first-place milwaukee brewers at wrigley field last night. down one in the third inning when morgan had won just behind the reach of starlin castro the brewers scored four runs off randy wells in that inning ... in the fifth inning ryan braun's line 1 out to third hand ramirez and jumped to make a great catch he would leave the game with a mild quad strain and he is out of a lineup for today the cubs lost 5-1 the cubs will play their final game at wrigley this season this afternoon right here on wgn the white sox kicked off a double header in cleveland and there were down a run in the fifth inning when former cub kosuke fukudome homered to right field gavin floyd gave up three home runs and adds the sox lost the game 4-3 ... the white sox overcame a four run deficit in game 2 last night is tied in
12:42 pm
the seventh inning when alexi ramirez singled up the middle to drive in the go ahead homerun gordon beckham hit three doubles and the game and the sox won a five-four to split the double header ... newcomers are making an impression during the black hawks preseason opener and edmonton down one goal in the second period when mark mcneil set up jamal myers who flipped in the tying goal most of the veterans did not play in the edmonton oilers went on to beat the blackhawks 4-2. here are the pick three winning numbers in the lottery ... the winnipeg free numbers are:4 2 1 here are the pick four winning
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suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. 25 percent of college and university admissions officers say that they have felt pressured to it mitt favored
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applicants. and national survey from the on-line publication inside higher ed admissions officers say that the pressure came from senior level administrators trusties and donors. the survey was conducted after 2009 chicago tribune investigation revealed that the university of illinois had a secret admissions system that allowed politicians to influence decisions ... >>facebook is launching a new application and a campaign to stop children from bullying one another it is called the stoppage bullying " speak up social pledged app " it allows any student or teacher or parent to with this as an actor bullying to report it immediately and also encourages them to take specific steps to prevent bullying ... >>depression has been linked to a number of health problems including heart disease cancer and diabetes now there's new evidence that depression may also increase the risk of stroke by 45 percent harvard researchers said that the risk of dying of a stroke by 55
12:47 pm
percent as the reason to do with hormones and the nervous system that are affected by depression ... a new study shows that the drug ritalin may temporarily delayed puberty ritalin is a mage medication that is taken by millions of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder high doses of ritalin reduced testees size and delayed the cent of the testicles and male monkeys and other than five years old compared with monkeys not given the drug researchers say that it can also affect testosterone levels and a child's growth there are advising parents to discuss the side effects with their doctors >>while seeing food can make you hungry seeing money can make peace elevate the journal consumer research reports that the physical reaction to material pleasures scientists have long studied the behavior changes that money can elicit driving behavior but this time researchers actually measured mouthwatering at and found just
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the sight of money stimulates salivary glands brains way of reacting to a potential reward wgn has partnered with verizon and how sweet the sound to find the greatest gospel group in america ...
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we have with us the schick said in the kitchen and showing us
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how to prepareshe is a food anthropologist ... she is known as the shiksa in the kitchen ... tori avery is with us to show us a traditional rosh hashanah desert with a twist ... >>apples and honey are traditional and i have added this to the recipe ... this is a wonderful batter with spices and honey of course we will take this in a bunt pan ... you want to spray the pan
12:52 pm
liberally you don't want the cake to stick because it does have honey in the batter that will caramelized ... we have shredded apple's adding moisture and texture to the cake ... we will pour in the spatter no more than 75% to fall .. this is a full.. this is a traditional jewish spice cake recipe with these added ingredients ... now with these bonds pants you really want to shake or push the better against the sides of the pan so that all of those indentations get filled
12:53 pm
to create that wonderful design ... you wanna bet this a little bit longer 60 minutes minimum depending on your of and maybe even 75 minutes ... we will unmold this cake when it's cooked and we will put some frosting on it ... you don't need anything expensive to decorate the cake you can strain and shake some powdered sugar or make a frosting with nondairy creamer and powdered sugar or milk if you want to get some alternative ... you don't need anything fancy it's more of a glaze ... the the the
12:54 pm
we will just drizzle this ... and it looks really great my technique is putting it simply in a plastic bag with a small hole in the bottleom.. to control the drizzling affecteffect.. it will so can the place is so you don't want to frosted too far in advance given at least a half an hour too dry ... once this is
12:55 pm
done if you prepared sugar on it it will look like this let me cut you a piece dina ... the recipe is on the web site or you can log on to the which is tory avery's web site ...
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